“If spotting and stalking big, surface-feeding browns in seldom-fished waters is your goal then Russell is the ideal guide. His Sparky’s Floating Spider pattern was the fly du-jour. Every New Zealand-bound angler should have a dozen tucked into the fly box....along with some Stimulators!....”

“ We had a great time ”

Randall and Mary Kaufmann

“If you are looking for a high quality day on a New Zealand trout stream, I can’t recommend Russ too highly.  I am certain you will number your day(s) with him among the best you’ve ever spent.  You might even get him to tell the story of the biggest fish of our trip which I managed to somehow not hook after going to fairly great lengths to fool him, at least momentarily.”

Marc Bale

Director of Sales

Sage Manufacturing

Russell, your New Zealand North Island fly fishing guide, will make sure your day is one to remember.  Russell has fished the central North Island, Rangitikei river and other surrounding streams since the age of 11, and knows almost all these trout by name.  Russell specializes in stalking and spotting, casting dry flies at big rising fish.  Everybody’s number one goal - large fish on dry flies.

A member of the NZPFGA (New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association), Russell is a registered guide, which also means you’re in the best possible hands.  Not just a guide, he is also one of the country’s leading  fly tyers and an Umpqua International signature fly tyer.  So when it comes to fly selection and presentation he has the upper hand.

Whether you would like to heli-fish in the backcountry, access rivers by 4x4 or do multi-day campout trips, Russell will cater to all your needs.

So come to the Rangitikei district and catch some of these wild New Zealand trout. Fly fish the central North Island of New Zealand, a truly magic place.

Fly fish the rivers of the central North Island of New Zealand with one of the country’s top fly fishing guides, Russell Anderson.  If you like chasing large brown trout or targeting speedy rainbows, then you’ve come to the right site.

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Photo: Kiyoshi Nakagawa

Photo: Kiyoshi Nakagawa

Photo: Kiyoshi Nakagawa

Photo: Simon Chu